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Social (Media) Anxiety: Make Idealist Work for Your Organization

March 15, 2011

If you use social networking sites to promote your organization, we have questions for you. Since we re-launched the site, we’ve been pretty quiet about some of the enhanced social features for orgs. We still want to learn more about how we can improve these features, and how orgs like yours can benefit from them.

Sign up to participate in our study!

It takes no more than two hours over the course of two weeks, and doesn’t require you to leave your home, office, or home office.

More Details

Who: You represent your organization online – whether your role involves HR, social media, outreach/communications, or programs.

What You’ll update your organization’s page on Idealist. Over the course of two weeks, we’ll send two short emails detailing some of the new features on the site, along with specific questions to get you thinking about the usefulness of those features.  We’ll ask that you respond with your feedback within about a week.

When: From March 21 – April 1, we estimate that it will take no more than two hours of your time.

Where: The comfort of your own computer!

WhyThe re-launch brought a more social, robust organization page. With your help, we’ll keep improving the features there, making it even easier for you to recruit the right candidates, find new champions for your causes, and keep up with other organizations’ progress.

Bonus: we hope it will be a chance for you to get familiar with the new site. You can make sure that your org page reflects the work you’re doing (and take this time to post information about an upcoming program, event, or volunteer opportunity, if you have one!).

Interested? Click here to sign up!

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